Battlax Sport Touring T32 og T32GT – nye kvalitetsdekk fra Bridgestone

Bridgestone sparer ikke på kruttet i beskrivelsen av nye Battlax Sport Touring T32 og T32GT. De kaller sportstouring-nyheten for et nytt referansepunkt i klass


Bridgestone sparer ikke på kruttet i beskrivelsen av nye Battlax Sport Touring T32 og T32GT. De kaller sportstouring-nyheten for et nytt referansepunkt i klassen. Noen av høydepunktene er økte egenskaper på vått føre grunnet Bridgestones Puls Groove Pattern-teknologi, herunder 7 % kortere bremselengde på vått føre. GT-dekket, som er beregenet for tyngre motorsykler, har i tillegg til finere egenskaper på vått føre fått 10 % bedre holdbarhet sammenlignet med forgjengeren.

Under følger pressemeldingen fra Bridgestone, på engelsk:

«Bridgestone has today announced a new benchmark in motorcycle’s sport touring category: the new Battlax Sport Touring T32 tyre. The T32, alongside the dedicated T32GT line-up for middleweight and heavy motorcycles, brings together everything the sport touring category needs in terms of performance, confidence and contact feel in all weather conditions.

Next-generation wet weather performance:

One of the Battlax Sport Touring T32’s standout benefits is its improved overall wet performance versus its predecessor, the Battlax Sport Touring T31. This is thanks to several new and innovative features in the tyre’s design and compound technology.

The tyre applies Bridgestone’s state of the art Pulse Groove Pattern Technology, which combines pulse-shaped grooves with small centre deflectors to equalise waterflow in comparison with a straight groove and optimise the waterflow’s speed. This in turn helps improve water channelling and drainage across the tyre, which enhances grip and adhesion and reduces the tyre’s slip ratio in wet and difficult conditions.

The impact of Bridgestone’s Pulse Groove Pattern Technology on the Battlax Sport Touring T32’s wet weather performance is complemented by enhancements in the tyre’s pattern design from its predecessor. Increased groove ratios, combined with optimised groove angles, groove positioning and pattern stiffness, plus a 13 per cent contact patch increase rear, deliver an increased overall contact area and connection to the road – with improved neutral and linear handling behaviour – that enhances overall performance in the wet.

The Battlax Sport Touring T32’s wet weather accolades unite to give the tyre a wet braking performance that is 7 per cent shorter than its predecessor, with no sacrifice on wear life.

The technical upgrades on the Battlax Sport Touring T32 are not only visual. Tremendous efforts in terms of construction and compound combination give the sport touring tyre outstanding handling capabilities in the dry and wet, plus excellent high speed, straight and cornering stability.

A fully dedicated GT line-up:

For middleweight and heavy touring motorcycles, Bridgestone has developed a fully dedicated Battlax Sport Touring T32GT tyre, with technical features and a pattern design in line with the requirements for this very specific motorcycle category.

The GT version also incorporates Bridgestone’s state of the art Pulse Groove Pattern Technology, alongside an optimised groove positioning and construction for the optimal pattern stiffness required for middleweight and heavy motorcycles. These benefits, amongst other performance features, enable an improved wet performance and grip from the Battlax Sport Touring T31, plus a 10 per cent increase in wear life from the predecessor.

Incredible performance in poor conditions:

Bridgestone’s Battlax Sport Touring T32 offers full size line-up for the sport touring category. The T32 and T32GT will be available on the market in early 2021.

Commenting on this announcement was Nico Thuy, Head of Motorcycle at Bridgestone EMIA: “Battlax’s next-generation sport touring tyres, the T32 and T32GT, are the result of technical expertise and technological applications that are at the forefront of tyre development. By significantly enhancing the tyre’s connection with the road from the T31, we have created a tyre that delivers incredible performance even in poor conditions. We wanted to give riders more control and confidence in the wet and this tyre delivers exactly that. It’s great also that we’re able to bring its benefits to more motorcyclists by expanding to GT.»